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“Phenomenon of Lecithin,” a new standard reference work

A proven food additive and its new possibilities

Hamburg, September 2021 – Lecithins have long been known for their emulsifying and dispersant properties, as well as their nutritional benefits. They have wide applications and are indispensable in certain areas. The versatile properties of these phospholipids have been investigated and described by scientists many times in the past decades. With the growing importance of natural emulsifiers, and especially lecithin, it became necessary to update the general knowledge basis. The new book “Phenomenon of Lecithin – Science, Technology, Applications” gives a look not just at the current state of the science, but also at new functions and application areas.

The book examines lecithin from scientific, technological and applications standpoints. At the core are questions like: what is lecithin, how is it produced, what can it do and what parameters matter? In addition to the exciting 170 year history of lecithin, for the first time there is a book that examines the global production and processing quantities of it in various industries. The chapter on Theoretical Principles describes the chemical, physiological and physical properties of phospholipids, and is written to be accessible to readers new to the field as well.

The practical section discusses the extraction of lecithin from different plant and animal sources; this information was not previously available in this scope. The authors look at the production, processing and modification of lecithin and at quality control, which is a very important part of the production process. Analytical methods are compared and GMO analysis described in great detail.

Phenomenon of Lecithin: das neue Fachbuch zum Multitalent

However, the primary focus of the book revolves around the many uses of lecithin in foods like chocolate and baked goods, food emulsions, instant powders and nutritional supplements. Other areas include animal feed, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and technical industry. “Lecithin has exceptional properties and as yet unused potential. With this book we want to give orientation and also ideas for new applications. We want to present the advantages of the substance and its uses in different industries,” explains co-publisher Dr. Waldemar Buxmann, Director of Applications and Technical Product Management at the Sternchemie company in Hamburg.

24 renowned and internationally acknowledged scientists and specialists in eight coutries worked on the book. On its 550 pages, they illuminate the many facets of lecithin. “Phenomenon of Lecithin – Science, Technology and Applications” is a source of information for scientists and technologists in production, quality assurance, research and development, and a book for everyone working with lecithin or wishes to do so. The book is published by Robert Wenzel Verlag of Hamburg, and distributed exclusively by the Taylor & Francis Group of the US.

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Tina Höhne

Marketing Sternchemie

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