A perfect natural creation – lecithin is a genuine all-rounder. This is down to its amazing structure: the active components of lecithin (phospholipids) are both lipophilic and hydrophilic, meaning that they are attracted to both water and fatty substances. This handy property makes lecithin indispensable for a wide array of technological requirements in the food industry. Lecithin mixes with fats/oils and with water, making it ideal as an emulsifier. Thanks to lecithin, immiscible substances, such as water and oils, form stable emulsions. Depending on the application, lecithins can be used to produce water-in-oil emulsions (W/O emulsions) and oil-in-water emulsions (O/W emulsions). In the natural world, phospholipids are essential building blocks of cell walls (membranes) and support digestion – and occur in every plant and animal cell.

Thanks to our extensive range of lecithins, we offer you the perfect solution for your products. Are you, for example, a manufacturer of spreadable margarine, tasty pasta, delicious chocolate, highly soluble cocoa powder, lasting flavours or do you have other requirements? Get in touch, we have the solution!

Standardised lecithins

  • Lecistar S – liquid sunflower lecithin
  • LeciStar R – liquid rapeseed lecithin
  • Yellothin – liquid IP soya lecithin
  • SternFine – liquid soya lecithin
  • Greencithin – liquid organic lecithin (DE-ÖKO-070)

De-oiled lecithins

  • SternPur S P – de-oiled lecithin powder, sunflower
  • SternPur R P – de-oiled lecithin powder, rapeseed
  • SternPur P – de-oiled lecithin powder, soya
  • SternPur P IP – de-oiled lecithin powder, IP soya
  • SternPur S DH – de-oiled, hydrolysed  lecithin powder, sunflower
  • Greencithin – de-oiled lecithin powder, organic (DE-ÖKO-070)

Process-optimised lecithins

  • SternFlow S – lecithin powder mixture, sunflower
  • SternFlow R – lecithin powder mixture, rapeseed
  • SternFlow IP – lecithin powder mixture, IP soya
  • SternInstant S – sprayable lecithin compound, sunflower
  • SternInstant R – sprayable lecithin compound, rapeseed
  • SternInstant IP – sprayable lecithin compound, IP soya

Modified lecithins

  • SternPhil S – hydrolysed sunflower lecithin
  • SternPhil IP – hydrolysed IP soya lecithin

Our portfolio of lecithins ranges from standard liquid products and powdered compounds through to lecithin powder. It also includes GM-free, hypoallergenic and certified organic products. Together, we will find the right product for your application and process.

Our sources

Our core competencies are reliability of supply, functionality and top quality. Sternchemie supplies high-quality, GM-free lecithins based on soya, sunflower and rapeseed.

Soya is the most frequent source of non-genetically modified (GM-free) lecithin worldwide. We focus on reliability of supply and on quality. Sternchemie was one of the first companies to start sourcing Indian soya lecithin. We also work with selected partners in Europe, Asia and the Americas in order to meet the most demanding of requirements.

Sunflower is now the main alternative when it comes to soya- and GM-free lecithins. Thanks to close cooperation with international raw ingredient producers in Europe and South America, we are able to ensure supply capability at all times and meet discerning raw ingredient requirements.

Thanks to its composition and functional properties, rapeseed lecithin is the perfect addition to our portfolio of soy and sunflower specialties and the “rising star” in the GM-free sky. Regional cultivation and a broad portfolio of European partners guarantee maximum flexibility and quality.

Sternchemie – Rotes Palmöl: unsere Quellen
Sternchemie – Rotes Palmöl: unsere Quellen
Sternchemie – Rotes Palmöl: unsere Quellen

As good as it gets: whatever requirements you have, we are customising our lecithins to perfectly match your specific needs – be it quality or reliability, functionality or processing – and at fair prices.

Dr Roland Rabeler

Business Development manager AT sternchemie

Producing in the region and being close to customers in Asia, we are experienced in regional-specific requirements, covering a broad range of lecithin portfolio to meet your demands. 

Chung Kin Liew


Are you looking for lecithin from other sources?

Contact us!

Instant products

Instant products represent a huge potential in the growth market of functional foods. Demands on the quality of the end product are increasing with every new application. Defined and reliable properties are required – and made possible by customized lecithins. We are experts when it comes to using these natural emulsifiers. Lecithins and their applications are our field of expertise – and have been for decades. Let us perfect your instant products.

Benefits of our lecithins:

Rapid wetting of the powder:

  • Fast penetration of liquid in the porous network of the agglomerated powder

Optimum powder dispersibility:

  • Improved disintegration of the agglomerated powder into primary components without stirring (or with only gentle stirring)
  • Optimum mixing of the powder with water/milk
  • Enhanced stability of the instant product following dissolution
  • Purely plant-based emulsifier
  • Cost savings thanks to ready-to-use solutions – and therefore less production steps

Are you interested in functional powder products for your brand? Whether sport, health, diets or clinical nutrition, our sister firm SternLife will be happy to help you with the customised development of innovative concepts.

When it comes to contract manufacturing in the areas of mixing, filling, fluidised bed technology in the food industry, balanced diets, food supplements and pharmaceutical excipients in powdered form, our in-house production company SternMaid looks forward to hearing from you.

Baked good

Lecithins offer significant advantages in terms of the manufacturing process and quality of baked goods. Lecithins not only make it possible to optimise production processes, but also improve the quality criteria of the final product, such as volume, taste, appearance and shelf life. Lecithin is a natural emulsifier and is therefore an excellent alternative to synthetic emulsifiers and enzymes. Get in touch with us! We will find the right solution for your baked goods from our wide range of lecithins.

Bread and small pastries

Benefits of our lecithins:

  • Easier dough handling
  • Improved freshness, retards staling
  • Pores become more even
  • Volume increases

Fine pastries

Benefits of our lecithins:

  • Fat distribution is improved
  • Easier dough handling
  • Shelf life is extended

Long-life baked goods

Benefits of our lecithins:

  • Reduce frequency of cleaning
  • Fat distribution is improved
  • Easier dough handling
  • Products can be removed more easily from moulds
  • Fat content is reduced

Are you on the search for functional baking ingredients, enzyme systems or baking premixes? If so, our sister company DeutscheBack is your first port of call.

Do you want to give your baked goods that extra special taste? Thanks to the wide variety of flavours, lemon peel pastes and cheese powders from our colleagues at OlbrichtArom, your products will be even more delicious. Just give them a call!

Instant noodles

Optimum dough handling, an enhanced mouthfeel and increased stability: with our lecithin products, you can not only optimise the production processes for your instant noodles, but also improve the product characteristics.

Benefits of our lecithins:

  • Even dispersion and emulsification of the ingredients during mixing and kneading processes
  • Improved processability and machine compatibility of the noodle dough
  • Reduced stickiness and enhanced stability during the drying process
  • Enhanced elasticity and mouthfeel
  • Greater storage stability and water retention thanks to reduced starch retrogradation

The flour experts of our sister company Mühlenchemie will be delighted to help you improve your pasta doughs.

The multi-enzyme complexes from our colleagues at SternEnzym also optimise the quality of your pasta products.

Confectionery and chocolate

For better processes – and better products. The lecithins and lecithin applications of Sternchemie improve your processes and products. We will find the right product for your requirements and objectives.

Chocolate and chocolate products

Benefits of our lecithins:

  • Shorter conching times
  • Regulation of viscosity and yield value
  • Cocoa butter saving of up to eight per cent
  • More homogeneous chocolate mass
  • Longer shelf life and improved stability when subject to temperature fluctuations
  • Reduced fat bloom formation
  • Improved texture
  • Smooth surface
  • Gentle melt

Chocolate coating & glazing

Benefits of our lecithins:

  • Easier processing thanks to lower viscosity
  • Regulation of the yield value
  • Smooth surfaces
  • Excellent bite properties


Benefits of our lecithins:

  • Outstanding dispersion of ingredients
  • Improved machine compatibility
  • High elasticity
  • Less stickiness
  • Improved mouthfeel

The right flavour for a great taste. On request, our colleagues at OlbrichtArom create fully balanced flavour profiles that harmonise perfectly with your end product.

Do you wish to enhance your muesli, ice cream or baked goods with chocolate chips that not only taste great, but that also boast superb functionality? HERZA Schokolade will be happy to help.

Margarine, fats and oils

The demands placed on margarine are as diverse as its areas of application. Alongside straightforward household margarine, it is also used as a delicious and healthy spread in the form of diet margarine, low-fat margarine and plant-based spread – and is also used for frying and baking in both domestic and industrial applications. Lecithin and its outstanding properties for these W/O emulsions optimise your margarine varieties in a host of desirable ways.

Benefits of our lecithins:

  • Improved spreadability
  • Reduced spattering during frying
  • Improved flavour release
  • Longer shelf life thanks to the antioxidant effect
  • Even dispersion of ingredients

Release agents

Wherever there is a need to separate foods during manufacture, processing and unpacking, lecithin is a big help. Bread, cake and confectionery can be separated more easily from moulds and baking trays. Adhesion to conveyor belts is also reduced. Cheese and meat products can be separated more effectively during slicing thanks to lecithin. It can also make it easier to remove individual slices from the packaging. By virtue of its non-stick and separation-boosting properties, lecithin represents a convenient aid for your applications.

Benefits of our lecithins:

  • Improved separation of baked/fried goods from the surface below
  • Required anti-sticking properties
  • Available in sprayable form
  • Equipment needs to be cleaned less frequently
  • Stops products from sticking to each other
  • Dual function in relation to waffles: our lecithins optimise baking/dough properties and act as a release agent
  • Natural release agent

Are you a manufacturer of cheese-/meat-based products who is looking for customised stabilisation and texture systems? The team at Hydrosol knows the secret to perfect texture and looks forward to hearing from you.


Doubly beneficial for health and nutritional products: lecithin combines technological benefits with a health-promoting effect. Thanks to lecithin, manufacturing processes and effectiveness can be optimised in one fell swoop. Lecithin is a crucial component of all living cells and has a positive effect on many vital functions within the human body. It improves the handling and shelf life of health products and is becoming ever more important as a natural ingredient of health/nutritional foods.

Dietary foods and sports nutrition

Benefits of our lecithins:

  • Suitable for both liquids and powdered products
  • They ensure excellent mixability
  • Easy to dose
  • They support agglomeration
  • Improved moistening and dispersibility
  • Improved stability and protection against oxidation
  • Reduced dust formation
  • Improved texture and mouthfeel

Dietary supplements

Benefits of our lecithins:

  • A natural source of choline and unsaturated fats
  • Can be used in capsules, tablets and powder applications
  • Improved mixability and emulsification
  • Improved bioavailability
  • Improved stability and protection against oxidation
  • Improved moistening and dispersibility
  • Easy to measure out

The customised micronutrient premixes of our fellow Group company SternVitamin are ideal for enriching a vast array of foods and beverages – and as components of dietary supplements. Interested? The team looks forward to receiving your enquiry.

Would you like to launch a range of sports nutrition and supplements under your own brand, but need support in terms of development and production? The functional food experts at SternLife are here to help.


The functions of lecithins in beverages are as many and varied as the range of beverages itself. Lecithins do important work within beverages; they facilitate the dispersion of fats, for instance, stabilise foam and interact positively with other ingredients. Lecithin has a multifunctional effect and can therefore satisfy a host of requirements.

Benefits of our lecithins:

  • Natural, plant-based emulsifiers
  • Multifunctional
  • Modified lecithins for water-based beverages
  • Flavour neutral
  • Instant powders that dissolve rapidly

Sauces and dressings

For a perfect mouthfeel and a rich, creamy finish. Whether as a liquid or an instant product, lecithin facilitates even dispersion and supports the bonding of individual ingredients.

Benefits of our lecithins:

  • Natural emulsifiers that homogeneously combine oil with all other ingredients
  • They regulate the viscosity and stability of sauce emulsions, either alone or in combination with a variety of plant-based stabilisers
  • Improved consistency, mouthfeel and colour of sauces and dressings

Are you seeking maximum product safety for your convenience products, coupled with optimised production costs? Our sister company Hydrosol will assist you with the manufacture of sauces and dressings and will happily provide stabilisation systems and all-in compounds.

Vegetarian & vegan products

Hardly any other product group can match the diversity of vegetarian and vegan products. In particular, the meat substitutes category is becoming ever more popular and extensive. The selection of raw ingredients and technologies offers unlimited possibilities and opportunities for producers of meat alternatives. However, product texture and stability pose particular challenges. With lecithin – which serves as both an emulsifier and a processing aid – we offer you a plant-based solution.

Benefits of our lecithins:

  • Plant-based ingredient
  • Natural emulsifier
  • Supports processes (e.g. machine compatibility) as a foam stabiliser and co-emulsifier

Are you looking for plant-based meat-, dairy- or delicacies alternatives? Visit Planteneers!

Our standards and certifications:

All our lecithin products are certified as halal and kosher. Please also ask us about our organic product range!

Explore our other products:


Explore our other products:

  • MCT


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