We understand your applications and will develop bespoke lecithin and lipid solutions on your behalf.

Our Group’s core areas of expertise include in-depth application research, market analysis and targeted product development. As a pioneer in the development and marketing of lecithin and lipid systems, we will find the most cost-effective product solution to meet your exacting demands in terms of quality, functionality and processing characteristics.

Get in touch with your questions! Are you, for example, interested in alternative raw ingredients, functional adjustments or properties, declaration regulations or sensory aspects?  We will answer your questions quickly and competently. After all, the broad spectrum of our research areas is reflected in our team of food technology professionals, food chemists, biochemists and nutritional scientists. 

Always one step ahead: we work continuously on new product ideas and improvements to production processes. At our Stern Technology Center in Ahrensburg, we research the applications of our customers and find solutions to the problems of tomorrow. This is made possible by the fact that we engage in intensive dialogue within our group of companies and work with external researchers and research institutes – thus combining experience and innovation for the benefit of our customers.


Space for an interdisciplinary exchange of information

Our laboratories, equipped with the latest applications technology and testing devices, cover an area of over 4,200 square metres. At our innovative lipids laboratory and trial bakery, for instance, we can develop and test products for specific customer needs under real-life conditions. What’s more, the lipids laboratory is equipped with a pilot spraying plant, enabling trials on a small scale.

At the Stern Technology Center, we partner with our sister companies, especially Mühlenchemie, DeutscheBack, SternVitamin, SternEnzym, Hydrosol, Berg+Schmidt, HERZA Schokolade and OlbrichtArom. This ensures a broad spectrum of expertise. It also acts as a catalyst, speeding up the development of new products. As a Sternchemie customer, you benefit from this collaborative approach, especially in the areas of enzyme technology, stabilisers and emulsifiers.

Sternchemie – Kompetenzen: moderne Labore und kurze Wege für interdisziplinären Austausch
Sternchemie – Kompetenzen: moderne Labore und kurze Wege für interdisziplinären Austausch
Sternchemie – Kompetenzen: moderne Labore und kurze Wege für interdisziplinären Austausch

We support you from the product idea and laboratory/large-scale trials at your production facilities through to the final product. We know our raw ingredients inside out. Working in conjunction with the Marketing, Business Development and Product Management departments, we always develop products for our customers that are one step ahead of market requirements. 

Dr Waldemar Buxmann



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