Making good things better: MCT oils are special edible oils that are obtained from the medium-chain saturated fatty acids caprylic acid and capric acid – and esterified with glycerine. This gives rise to oils that combine positive effects on both process technology and nutritional physiology. MCT oil is ideal as a carrier substance for flavours and essences and acts as a solubilising agent. It regulates viscosities and serves as a release agent. The nutritional physiology benefits of MCT oil make it (especially in powder form) a valuable basic nutrient for dietary foods and supplements, parenteral nutrition, special nutritional therapies and sports/fitness products.

Our MCT portfolio:

  • BergaBest MCT oil, also available in organic (DE-ÖKO-070)
  • NutriStern MCT powder

Do you want to make your product even better? We will identify the perfect MCT product for your applications and production processes.

Our sources

Palm kernel oil
The raw ingredients for the production of MCT oils – C8/C10 fatty acids and glycerine – are traditionally extracted from palm oil and/or palm kernel oil. We are committed to these natural products for both ecological and economic reasons. On account of our membership of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and the stringent criteria used to select our raw ingredient suppliers, we consciously contribute to promoting sustainable oil palm cultivation. Therefore our BergaBest MCT oil and our palmbased NutriStern MCT powder products are RSPO MB certified.

Our responsibility

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is an alternative source of our raw ingredients – and our solution for customers who are searching for a palm oil-free product. Coconut-based MCT oil offers the same functionality and quality as MCT oil extracted from palm kernel oil. Our organic MCT oil is also from this source.

Sternchemie – MCT: unsere Quellen
Sternchemie – MCT: unsere Quellen
Sternchemie – MCT: unsere Quellen

A comparison of global oil yields¹

When considered in relation to surface area and in comparison to other oil-bearing fruits, the oil palm is not only the highest-yield fruit (at 3.3 t oil per hectare), but also way ahead in terms of sustainability.

¹ http://www.wwf.de/fileadmin/fm-wwf/Publikationen-PDF/WWF-Studie_Auf_der_OElspur.pdf

With a reputation as all-rounders stretching back many years, our MCT oils are conquering new markets all the time and have long been used as more than just production aids. In addition to their straightforward processing, our MCT products also boast outstanding nutritional physiology properties and are ideal for innovative dietary and nutritional systems.

Maximilian Schröder

Sales & product manager mct

Improved performance for your product?

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Baked goods

MCT oil enables seamless workflows and uninterrupted processes: industrial baked goods have to be produced in a standardised way. External factors – such as raw ingredient fluctuations, weather and temperature – pose considerable challenges for you as a manufacturer. Are you looking for more control over other potential risk factors? Do your baked goods often stick to conveyor belts or are they hard to remove from baking moulds? On account of its role as a release agent and its other handy properties, MCT oil is a big help.

Benefits of MCT:

  • Easy removal of baked goods from moulds, trays and conveyor belts
  • Oxidation- and heat-stable
  • Flavour- and colour-neutral

Are you an industrial manufacturer of baked goods or ready-made dough products or are you interested in process-specific baking agents or enzyme systems? If so, get in touch with DeutscheBack – our specialist in the area of functional baking ingredients.

Do you want to give your baked goods that extra special taste? Thanks to the wide variety of flavours, lemon peel pastes and cheese powders from our colleagues at OlbrichtArom, your products will be even more delicious. Just give them a call!


For the discerning tastes of connoisseurs of all types: everyone has their own favourite product amongst the vast spectrum of confectionery available. The diverse range of confectionery is reflected in the requirements on its production process. MCT oil helps meet these requirements – both as a production aid and as an additive in the final product.

Glazing and sealing agent

Benefits of MCT:

  • Retains the surface gloss
  • Protects against drying out
  • Protects against discolouration
  • Prevents sticking

Glazing agent for dried fruits

Benefits of MCT:

  • Forms a protective film against the exudation of fructose
  • Stops dried fruits from sticking

The multi-enzyme complexes of SternEnzym prevent the hardening of sugary fillings, thus ensuring delicious products with a soft bite. Get in touch with our enzyme experts.

Release agents

Releasing potential – with MCT oil: whenever bread, cake and confectionery remain stuck to their moulds, and whenever slices of cheese/cooked meats stick together when being removed from the packaging, MCT oil is a big help. Thanks to its non-stick and separation-boosting properties, it facilitates straightforward removal from trays, moulds and conveyor belts – and prevents products from sticking to each other.

Benefits of MCT:

  • Easier removal of noodles, cheese-based products and pasta from moulds, trays and conveyor belts
  • Sprayable on account of low viscosity
  • Oxidation- and colour-neutral

Are you a manufacturer of dairy/meat products who is looking for customised stabilisation and texturing systems? The team at Hydrosol knows the secret to perfect texture and looks forward to hearing from you.


MCTs are doubly effective – in terms of nutritional benefits and in a technological/functional sense. They are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and transported to the liver, meaning that the energy is released straight away. MCTs support the production of ketone bodies. This is yet another reason why this oil is the ideal component for sports and dietary nutrition; what’s more, it can be easily worked into dry mixes as a powder. MCT oil has also proved its mettle as an aid to production processes. Here, it acts as a carrier and a solvent for other components.

Sports nutrition

Benefits of MCT:

  • Fast-release energy that is not stored as fat
  • Suitable for use in a host of different product systems, e.g. energy/protein bars, drinks, shakes, etc.

Vitamin products

Benefits of MCT:

  • Acts as a solubilising agent
  • Carries and transports fat-soluble components

Balanced diets for the purpose of weight loss

Benefits of MCT:

  • Metabolised directly in the liver, rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream
  • Stimulates the production of ketone bodies without altering blood sugar/insulin levels
  • Promotes the absorption of amino acids and minerals – and regulates fat metabolism
  • Suitable as a fat substitute as part of diets

Glazing and sealing agent

Benefits of MCT:

  • Retains the surface gloss
  • Protects against drying out
  • Protects against discolouration
  • Prevents sticking

The customised micronutrient premixes of our fellow Group company SternVitamin are ideal for enriching a vast array of foods and beverages – and as components of dietary supplements. Interested? The team looks forward to receiving your enquiry.

Would you like to launch a range of sports nutrition and supplements under your own brand, but need support in terms of development and production? The functional food experts at SternLife are here to help.


Bringing dynamism to the beverage market: sports and health drinks are synonymous with potential and growth. As such, requirements are becoming more demanding in terms of beverage properties; what is being sought is the perfect combination of effect, taste and ease of application. MCT products are solubility agents and carriers for flavour. What’s more, they also offer benefits in terms of nutritional physiology.
Give your drinks a strong character! We will help you do just that – with a combination of Sternchemie MCT oils/powders and our experience.

Sports nutrition

Benefits of MCT:

  • Fast-release, high-value energy that is not deposited as fat
  • Versatile usage, e.g. in energy/protein bars, drinks, shakes, etc.

Further benefits

  • Flavour-neutral
  • Highly dispersible (powder)
  • Also available in a ketogenic/vegan version
  • Oxidation-stable
  • Palm oil-free (derived from coconut) or made with RSPO palm kernel oil

Would you like to launch a range of sports nutrition and supplements under your own brand, but need support in terms of development and production? The functional food experts at SternLife are here to help.

Sauces and dressings

The perfect mouthfeel, even dispersion and added health benefits: MCT oil is perfect for sauces and salad dressings, combines individual ingredients and stabilises the mixture. And thanks to valuable fatty acids, MCT oil constitutes a great alternative to other oils, with functionality and health combined in a single product.

Benefits of MCT:

  • A substitute for traditional oils
  • Features high oxidation stability

Are you seeking maximum product safety for your convenience products, coupled with optimised production costs? Our sister company Hydrosol will assist you with the manufacture of sauces and dressings and will happily provide stabilisation systems and all-in compounds.

Vegan & vegetarian products

Simply being plant-based is no longer enough as a USP. After all, vegan and vegetarian foods are more than just mere substitutes for dairy and meat products. Expectations are increasing in terms of taste, consistency and functionality. For a delicious and healthy experience. Here, MCT oil is the right choice. It meets demanding challenges such as flavour neutrality, oxidation stability and viscosity – and helps to produce a well-reconstructed product.

Benefits of MCT:

  • Flavour-neutral
  • Oxidation-stable
  • Regulates viscosity
  • Palm oil-free (derived from coconut) or made with RSPO palm kernel oil

Are you looking for plant-based meat-, dairy- or delicacies alternatives? Visit Planteneers!

Our standards and certifications:

All our MCT products are certified as halal and kosher.

Explore our other products:

Explore our other products:


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