Whether baby food, sport drinks, diet shakes, sauces or dressings, it’s not just the ingredients that determine whether a product will be popular with consumers, but also the ease of preparation. To be well accepted by consumers, instantized foods need to dissolve easily in water or milk, without clumping.

This can be very simply and effectively achieved with sprayable lecithin. We offer lecithin blends based on soy, rapeseed or sunflower lecithin. A modular system of customer-specific solutions makes it possible to keep up with the growing requirements in terms of workability, quality, functionality, and legal requirements.

Be it political circumstances, corona, weather extremes or simply human error, an unprecedented series of crises has rendered the entire non-GMO lecithin market unbalanced, with shortages and price hikes never before seen. Sternchemie strongly suggests testing and approving lecithin of all botanical origins, in order to gain flexibility or bridge the time until the situation has normalized again.

With lecithins from Sternchemie’s SternInstant and SternPhil series, manufacturers of instant products can focus on their core business and on developing high-revenue, added value products. Read more about it in our latest press release or contact us!

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