Dr. Waldemar Buxmann at the GDL Seminar
The German Association of Food Technologists (GDL e.V.) held its sixth webinar on 25 April 2024 on the topic of “Rediscovered and new plant-based raw materials and their potential for food production”. As part of this event, our lecithin experts, Dr. Waldemar Buxmann and Katrin Baumann, prepared a presentation on the topic: „Highly functional sunflower lecithin – properties and application potential in the food industry“.

Dr. Waldemar Buxmann, Lecithin Expert, Team Lead Technical Product & Application Management

In meeting the food trends of tomorrow, we secure our position in the market and satisfy people’s desires for safe and healthy foods. Next to healthy foods, sustainability in sourcing and production are unbroken global trends. Summarized in „Better for you, better for the planet“, consumers are more and more aware of what goes into the products they consume and how they and the ingredients effect people’s overall health. Nevertheless, with no compromise on taste….

In the food industry, this challenges us every day to meet the demand for clean products with natural ingredients and still satisfy consumers‘ prerequisites for good taste and mouthfeel. Deficits in functionality e.g. for the new formulation and processing of foods, need to be overcome to keep playing a role in the consumers‘ minds and decision makings.

SternPur S DH 50

The solution for ingredients around lecithin is hydrolysed sunflower lecithin powder:
SternPur S DH 50

The recently introduced hydrolysed sunflower lecithin powder, SternPur S DH 50, is offering several advantages in functionality and labelling:

    • Declaration as E322 – Lecithin, providing the same image-friendly labelling with additional functionalities.
    • Odourless and taste neutral, broadening your end-product application possibilities, including taste-sensitive products.
    • More mobile and smaller molecules, expanding the range of use cases.
    • Higher hydrophobicity (HLB=10) making the production of water-in-oil emulsions more effective and effortless.
    • Optimised steric arrangement and charge distribution, which mainly influence the structural properties of the food system.
    • High reactivity, which leads to interactions with other ingredients and expands the range of functionalities.

SternPur S DH 50 is a multi- und highly functional ingredients providing many benefits in various applications.

Applications of SternPur S DH 50

Some examples of the many applications of our new hydrolysed sunflower lecithin powder include the following:

Vegan cooking cream and coffee creamer

SternPur S DH 50 forms heat-stable complexes with plant proteins that protect against denaturation in the production process as well as in the final application. Additionally, it functions as an emulsifier for fat distribution. This is suitable for all products with a fat content up to 30%.

Technologist standing infront of a metallic table, wearing a lab coat, pouring cooking cream into a bowl of pumkin soup.

Barista oat milk

SternPur S DH 50 functions as an emulsifier for fat and air distribution, benefiting taste and texture. It gives your products a thick and fine foam structure, similar to cow milk. Due to the pH-stability of SternPur S DH 50, a flocculation of milk in your coffee is prevented.

Vegan ice cream and frozen products

Sternchemie’s hydrolysed sunflower lecithin inhibits ice crystal growth, keeping crystals very small during freezing which in turn provides better sensory properties, in e.g. texture, and melts more slowly, making your ice cream more enjoyable for consumers.

Another benefit from the small ice crystals is for frozen products: The freeze-thaw stability of frozen baked goods is improved and reduces the risk of freezer burns.

Precision-fermented milk proteins

Two slices of bread with curd cheese on wooden board. A bowl of curd cheese and a sliver spoon besides the slices.

Precision fermented isolates behave differently from milk proteins and require synergists. SternPur S DH 50 forms complexes with these proteins so that the final product resembles milk as closely as possible.

These improved sensory properties provide an authentic milk taste, facilitating the production of many different dairy products, such as cheese and ice cream.

Apart from the food applications, other usages can be found in food supplements and the textile industry. In the former cases, bioavailability and stabilisation of fat-like active ingredients is increased. For the latter, especially in the production of vegan leather, SternPur S DH 50 is beneficial as it reduces the risk of cracks during drying by functioning as a moisturizing agent, making the leather supple.

Two technologists operating a PANDA.

Overall, our latest product SternPur S DH 50, is multi- and highly functional, providing synergies with other surfactants.
We are continuously researching further benefits and looking into possibility in applications for SternPur S DH 50 – hydrolysed sunflower lecithin in our product development team – finding new ways to utilize its processing characteristics and functions and increase quality, precisely to our customers’ needs.

If you are interested in finding out more or are in need of customised solutions and application support, let us know.
Should you be interested in reading up on lecithin in Dr. Buxmann’s lecithin book, please also do not hesitate to contact us.

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